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Drug Testing FAQ

Q: Instructions

Pull cap

1 Remove iScreen™ test from foil pouch at room temperature.
Take of the cap revealing the testing strips.

2Immerse test vertically in the urine sample for at least 10
- 15 seconds. Do not allow the specimen to touch the device

Read results at five (5) minutes
3 Read the results at five (5) minutes. Results stable up to
four (4) hours.
5-Drug Test Card

This illustration shows
a 5-Drug Test Card

Do not allow specimen
to touch the device housing

Interpretation of Results:
(2 Lines- Any indication of a
line in both test and control
fields is to be interpreted
(1 Line)
(No line(s) or no
control line(s))
Q: Is it possible to cheat the iCup drug screen by substituting or adulterating the specimen? A: No. The iCup A.D. contains a specimen validity test or SVT strip that verifies the validity of a specimen. The SVT strip checks for oxidants, specific gravity and pH in the specimen. For example, if someone tries to substitute water for urine, the specific gravity indicator will show an abnormal reading.
Q: Are any of your drug tests FDA Cleared? A: All of our urine and clinical tests have an FDA 510k clearance.
Q: What are the differences between the oral fluid tests and the urine drug tests? A: An oral fluid drug test involves the use of a swab to collect saliva in the mouth and gums. The test does not require a restroom and the testing procedure can be administered right at your location. A urine drug test comes in a variety of formats, such as dips, pipettes, and cups. The iCup®, for example, has built-in adulteration tests available to check the validity of a urine sample.
Q: Does the product need to be disposed of in any special way, such as a biohazard bag? A: Urine and oral drug screens do not pose a biohazard risk and can be disposed of in regular waste receptacles.
Q: Is there any specific way these products need to be stored? Do they have to be refrigerated? A: All drug test devices can be stored at room temperature up to the date of expiration printed on the individual foil pouch. They cannot be stored in extreme heat or cold and must remain sealed in the foil pouch until use.
Q: What is the minimum amount of specimen needed for a conclusive test result? A: It is always important to collect a sufficient amount of specimen in case of a non-negative result. The confirmation laboratory requires a minimum of 15mL of specimen but prefers 30mL for urine testing. For saliva, it is 2mL.
Q: How do you package and protect orders during shipment? A:We ship all orders in plain packing material, either USPS/UPS issued boxes, plain boxes. No information regarding the contents of your order is printed on the outside of the envelope, and no product or lifestyle oriented marketing material or messaging will appear on the outside of the package.
Q: How long will it take to perform drug test?
5min drug test kit how to use
Q: How accurate are at home drug tests? A: Modern home drug tests provide the same accuracy as tests used by professional’s clinics. Almost the same accuracy as laboratory drug tests.
Q: Faint "T" line on drug test A: The shade of red in the test line region (T) will vary, but it should be considered negative whenever there is even a faint pink line.
Q: The Marijuana Drug Test detection time-urinalysis
Light smoker or acute dosage 1-3 days
Moderate use (4x / week) 3-5 days
Heavy smoker (daily) 10 days
Heavy, chronic use (5+ joints/day) 10-21+ days
Oral ingestion 1-5 days
Q: Drug Detection Times in Urine & Saliva

Drug Cut-Off Level Approximate Detection
Time in Urine
Approximate Detection
Time in Saliva
Amphetamine (AMP) 1,000 ng/mL 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Barbiturates (BAR) 300 ng/mL 4-7 Days -
Benzodiazepines (BZO) 300 ng/mL 3-7 Days -
Cocaine (COC) 300 ng/mL 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Ecstasy (MDMA) 500 ng/mL 1-3 Days -
Methadone (MTD) 300 ng/mL 3-5 Days -
Methamphetamine (MET) 1,000 ng/mL 3-5 Days 1-3 Days
Opiates (MOR) 300 ng/mL 2-4 Days -
Opiates (OPI) 2,000 ng/mL 2-4 Days 1-3 Days
Phencyclidine (PCP) 25 ng/mL 7-14 Days 1-3 Days
THC (THC) 50 ng/mL 15-30 Days 6-12 Hours
Tricyclic Antidepressants (TCA) 1,000 ng/mL 7-10 Days -
Propxyphene (PPX) 300 ng/mL 1-2 Days -
Oxycodone (OXY) 100 ng/mL 2-4 Days -
Amphetamine (AMP300) 300 ng/mL 2-4 Days -
Cocaine (COC150) 150 ng/mL 2-4 Days -
Methamphetamine (MET500) 500 ng/mL 3-5 Days -

NOTE: The above chart gives approximate detection periods for each substance by test type. The ranges depend on amount and frequency of use, metabolic rate, body mass, age, overall health, drug tolerance, and urine pH.

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